Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Cheater is back - 34th. MEMORIAL E. CRESPI 2013

I had the idea to play chess in Milan, Italy for more than a year.
Fortunately, this Autumn, Michael de Verdier and I decided that it would be the right time to complete our plans for the second part of 2013 and we took the decision to play in Milan.
International festival in Milan are one of those open tournaments that you can not easily find on a chess map of Europe, but there has always been a very good players.
As we expected the same thing this year, we decided to contact the organisers as soon as possible.
However, this year there is a big surprise in the starting list.

As a chess player I would like to concentrate on the play on the chess board and only write about great chess players and individuals that I met (or will meet) in the tournaments.
When checking the starting list of this tournament I found that the guy from Bulgaria, for sure the most known FIDE Master in the World, Borislav Ivanov is on the list.

For those who are not familiar with this name I can recommend to search  him on chessbase news portal.

Here are some screen shots that speaks for themselves.

What is most interesting is that this young man decided to quit his chess career, and that was only two months ago.
In the meanwhile he played some rapid tournament without any outside help and he performed (naturally) very badly.
Immediately after seeing his name on the list, which is considerably weaker than in the previous editions, I decided to contact the organisers.
They wrote to me that they understand my concerns and that their arbiters will secure the integrity of the game.
I don´t have any intentions to play against this guy, and Michael de Verdier shares the same opinion.

We will travel to Milan on Friday and try to concentrate on the positive things.
This will be my second visit to Milan and I will take a chance to visit some other cities near to Milan.

However, after the tournament it will be a big reportage on this blog.
All the information about the tournament can be found on the official website:

Is a new scandal a matter of time?


  1. Not sure if his participation in the rapid tournament was unassisted ...

  2. He was at the starting list at Pius Branzeu Memorial from Timisoara too, but did not show up anymore. So maybe he has intentions to be a "returning champ".

    1. I hope that he will not play in Milano.
      The evidence against him are so strong that I can not understand if anyone would like to play the chess game against him.

  3. i see borislav as a fellow with leprosy. nobody wants to brush shoulders with him. in all fairness, i been playing chess two-thirds of my life and find different players' attitudes and characters. in this case some guys just wanted to stay away from this boy for the reasons of being a cheat. for me how i wish i can play with this guy in a tournament to squeeze and feel really if the allegations are true. we are just so unfair to conclude or reinforce conclusions with the big men that he is cheating. for me i bank on fairness playing with this guy, for how dare we play our PC's against the strongest of an engine at our GUI's.