Monday 8 July 2013

Swedish championship in Örebro, after three rounds

After de Verdier´s explanations of the very first round of Swedish championship, it is now my turn to write about the first third part of the competition.
In a lead is young Swedish Grandmaster, Marley Grandelius.
He is the highest rated player, so this is not surprise, but it has to be mentioned that he played against two players from the other end of the table (according to Elo), the players that are part of colonna destra.
In the first three round there were some lonely unexpected results, but in 27 games it is just an exception, not trend or something.

On the diagram in introduction you can see the position between my, and Michael´s team mate, Pontus Carlsson.
He played:

55. Qxg3!

...and won the endgame, against Jonny Hector.
As, this competition is very short and it can be expected that it will be very compact table at the end, we can only hope that Pontus will compensate his two early defeats with some victories in a row.

One of the two main favourites, according to this blog, Tiger Hillarp Persson, played very intense game against last year (and year before that) winner, Hans Tikkanen.

In this position Tiger played the wrong move:

28. Ng5?

Hans played very tricky move:


...and Tiger did not find his last chance (29. Bf3).

29. Qf3?

I can only assume that he missed:

29... Ne2+!
30. Qxe2, Qxh2+
31. Kf1, Ne3+

...and Black wins material.

Even if I predicted that the the winner will be between Tiger and Marley, Hans was the main favourite from the second row.
So far, he confirms my predictions.

What about my prediction for dark horse?
So far so good for Wiedenkeller.

After outplaying of his opponent, Lindberg, he find a very nice tactical idea:

40. Bg6+!

Black has to take:

41. Qxe6+

Black is lost.
He will either lose the knight, or c-pawn will promote.

Here is the table after three rounds:

Plac.NamnNationRatingKlubbPoäng TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Grandelius NilsSWE2573Lunds Ask2.500.03.00
2Tikkanen HansSWE2528Lunds Ask2.000.53.75
3Wiedenkeller MichaelLUX2475Sk Rockaden, Sthlm2.000.52.25
4Brynell StellanSWE2484Limhamns Sk1.501.02.50
5Hillarp Persson TigerSWE2528Lunds Ask1.500.51.75
Cramling PiaSWE2524Sk Team Viking1.500.51.75
7Smith AxelSWE2461Lunds Ask1.500.01.25
8Carlsson PontusSWE2516Eksjö Sk1.001.01.00
9Hector JonnySWE2509Limhamns Sk1.000.01.50
10Lindberg BengtSWE2410Solna Ss0.500.00.75

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