Tuesday 9 July 2013

de Verdier´s explanations - Swedish Championship

The first three rounds of the Swedish championship produced a lot of nice combinations and fascinating games. Round 4 was no worse.  
The high number of decisive games delights the spectators so far, except the members of the Swedish Facebook group “A draw is good for both players” (loose translation).

It was a good round for the colonna destra players. They both defeated grandmasters, Smith beat Hector and Lindberg beat Hillarp Persson. Again Tiger tried a funky opening.

1.e4, c5
2. Nf3, a6
3. c3, d6
4. d4, Qc7

Lindberg played natural moves and his position grew better with each and every one of them. 
After only 29 moves the game was over.

Smith and Hector went for an Exchange Slav where White took a pawn on b7 at an early stage and then put the queen back from b7 to d1 straight away. 
Exactly Hector’s kind of play but against Smith’s prepared computer moves he didn’t drum up an especially dangerous attack this time. After 20 moves his position was pretty bad and then he also lost a pawn, then an exchange, then another rook…

Attention quickly has to be turned to the sole leader of the tournament. Grandelius had the White pieces against Wiedenkeller, who also had a positive start. 
Yesterday Grandelius went for slow opening play against Smith, but today he had other thoughts…

A brilliant game from Marley Grandelius who now has the lead by a full point.
In second place we now find Hans Tikkanen who had a nice attacking position today against Pia Cramling
Somehow Black managed to defend her king and Tikkanen must be really disappointed with only sharing the point.

Brynell remains the most solid player in the tournament. Today he did his best to kill all play against Pontus Carlsson and managed successfully to steer the game into an early dead drawn position. The above mentioned Facebook group has found its hero!

Tomorrow we look forward to Tiger Hillarp Persson vs. Marley Grandelius
Can Tiger fight back after two consecutive defeats? 
Can Stellan Brynell produce a fifth consecutive draw as Black against the out of form Jonny Hector?

Plac.NamnNationRatingKlubbPoäng TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Grandelius NilsSWE2573Lunds Ask3.500.07.25
2Tikkanen HansSWE2528Lunds Ask2.500.05.25
3Smith AxelSWE2461Lunds Ask2.500.03.25
4Brynell StellanSWE2484Limhamns Sk2.001.03.50
5Wiedenkeller MichaelLUX2475Sk Rockaden, Sthlm2.000.53.75
Cramling PiaSWE2524Sk Team Viking2.000.53.75
7Lindberg BengtSWE2410Solna Ss1.501.02.75
8Carlsson PontusSWE2516Eksjö Sk1.500.02.00
9Hillarp Persson TigerSWE2528Lunds Ask1.500.02.00
10Hector JonnySWE2509Limhamns Sk1.000.02.00

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