Friday 19 July 2013

July combinations

Okay, the Swedish Championship is over, and as you can see, it was not the end of the World, as you can still read this lines.
The chess calendar in Sweden is approaching it´s middle, with a GM tournament in Gothenburg in the middle of August, but before the focus of this blog move to that competition, it is the time for our regular rubric.
The new (old) Swedish Champion is Hans Tikkanen, who played even in the play off against Marley Grandelius, but under the worse conditions (Black pieces and minute less in the last game).
On the third place was Tiger Hillarp Persson.

The other groups worth of mentioning are ME and JSM (Swedish B Ch. and Swedish Junior Ch.).
In these groups you can find some active players, while in the lower groups anyone can play in any group, and I don´t know why is it not organised as one big open....
Back to the combinations....

In this position, White is on move, and as his pawns are more advanced he has to find a way to win the game.

In this position White is in trouble.
His knight on b4 is hanging, while Black has a threat of g6 and Kg7.
Still, White is able to draw this position, and your task is to find that way.
Calculate this position to the very end, as there are some tricks near the end!

If previous position looked hopeless for White, what about this one?
Black is about to win the knight on a1, and White would be lucky to sacrifice his a8 knight for a-pawn.
It means that Black would win comfortable with his majority on the other side.
Calculate everything!

The only thing that can help White in this position is somehow bad position of Black king.
However, White needs to show great creativity to take advantage of this, and only to draw the game.
Try to find the right solution.

Black is on move.
He can not play Rh2 because of Qxf8+!.
Maybe he can stop the white idea and then play his own??
Or maybe he needs some preparation for that?
Calculate accurately to the end!

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