Friday 19 April 2013

My games from Elitserien final, Part 3/3

It is the right time to write the last article about Elitserien.
Today, I will analyse the game from the last round.
After this article, I will publish some photos from The French Riviera, and then show some games from my victory in Sondex Cup.
The next tournament for me is Copenhagen Chess Challenge, and I will write an introduction to the tournament, as always.
It will be quite enough on this blog before the next tournament,  but in May it will be some old/new columns back.
The position on the diagram is the final position, which is in balance, but by pure luck. You can see what happened....

Arnelind M. E2173 - IM Bejtovic Jasmin E2387  Elitserien Västerås 2013

This is position after twenty moves.
I do not have intention to go through an opening, as I will not revile my secrets there (yeah, I did huge job with Houdini and I can punish every fault step of yours), I can just say that he did not played the most challenging moves, and the last two moves were really strange.
It was Rc1-Rc2 and Bg5-Bh4.
I decided to react in the centre, as he can start to improve his pieces (Bf2) and anyway I do not have good waiting moves.


In my thoughts, it was a pawn sacrifice, and it was in the game...but a computer program showed me the way how I can be even better after this move.
That´s why I put an exclamation mark on my last move.

21. exd5, exd5
22. Nd4

Everything as I expected, and now I played:


Which was my idea.
I could play cold blooded:

23. Bxc4, Rcd8!

...and I have some advantage (which is logical consequence of the opening moves).

23. cxd5

In this position both of us played not so good...

We reached following position.

We are at move 32 and already in the time trouble.
I got what I wanted. His king is weak, and I have a good control on the dark squares. He has long lasting advantages, the bishop pair and d passer.
So I need to play on initiative.


My threat is obvious and I left him no choice.

33. Qb6, Qf8?

Here I should exchange queens and play Rd6.
However it is not easy to see that the position is still in balance there.
That is why I think that on move 32 I should play something else (not g5). Maybe 32...Re8 would be the most in accordance to the position.
Now he played:

34. g3, Bd6
35. Kg2

His king is safe and I have a lot of weaknesses. I am dead lost, and in this moment Eksjö S.K. is not in the highest league.
After we reached the time control, my position was beyond repair.
However my opponent failed to finish me off, move after move, and we got a new (this time the final) time trouble.
That was my chance.

This is the position after his 48th move.
I am still completely lost, and my only plan was to avoid direct defeat, and somehow open up his king.
I knew it that if I play 49...Ne8 (objectively the best) I would lose an exchange after 50. Be6 and there is no hope for a draw.


In this moment I knew it that I will play the rest of my game without this knight, and that there is no way back after this.
I have to try something, now or never!
A one tempo is more important than some material here.

50. Qb5, h4
51. Ra6, h3+
52. Kh2, Qf5
53. Qb7+, Kh6

In this position, he has several ways to win the game.
However, he was confused by my sudden activity:

54. Qe4?

He is still winning after this move, but now in the time trouble, it is already lottery.
He could simply take on a8 as there is no perpetual.

55. Kxg3, Qxc5

Now, he has to calculate about intrusion of my queen on g1.
56. d7??

Finally he missed a win.

56. Bf7, Qg1+ 57. Kxh3  or 56. Kxh3, Qg1 57. Bf7  would win. There is no perpetual!

If you thought that the comedy (or tragedy, it depends from who´s point of view) is over, you should think again.


Better is simply 56...Nb6 when it will eventually finish with a draw. It is to dangerous for White to try to avoid the perpetual.

57. Kxh3, Qh1+??

Here we are again!
I should play 57...Nb6 58. Rxb6, Qxb6 59. Bd3  when White is better but not substantially.
Now he can avoid my checks.

58. Kg3??

Simply winning is 58. Kg4!.


59. Kh3, Qh1+??

I made the same mistake again. You already know what was the right solution.

60. Kg3??

He missed his chance again!

60...Qg1+    Draw

Technically, I could not claim a draw, as the position was not repeated three times (The first time it was a pawn on h3!), but it does not matter as both of us were predetermined to take a draw, and if he declined my offer, who knows maybe I would eventually move my knight on b6 on the next move (yeah right!).

For those who would like to go through this game, it is possible in the chess viewer:


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