Wednesday 10 April 2013

March combinations

It is time to do some work on the combinations.
This regular monthly rubric is back.

In this position it is White on move.
A question is if there is a breakthrough on the king side.
Black is pawn up and for now stands his ground.
I really like this combination because as a part of the solution there is the same tactical motive which I used in one of my games as a junior.
However, the solution is pretty but not so hard.
Try to find it!

In this position, Black is on move. White has tremendous pressure against the pawn on g7 and all his minor pieces are extremely active. 
The knight on e4 are hanging as well. It seems that Black can only take on h6 and after exchange on d7, and White takes on e4, he will be clearly worse (if not lost). 
However there is a one small detail that decides the fight in Black´s favour. 
Try to find it!
I failed when I try to solve this combination.

This is one more position in which I failed to find the right solution.
You see, there are substantial number of these.
White can play: 

1. Qg7+, Qxg7 2. Rxg7, Rxd4 3. Rff7

...and White is better.
Anyway, White has something much better.
Your task is to find it.

White just sacrificed the bishop on h7, and he has to show something for it.
If he checks on h5 Black will just cover everything with a rook on h6.
There is other solution which is in the principle of revolution/evolution according to Jacob Aagaard.
So after one more revolutionary move, White is doing evolution (He/She builds up his position) in order to do the next revolutionary step.
Enough about theory.
What is the winning sequence?

This one is rather easy but nice.
Black just moved his queen on f4.
There are a plenty of threats but the most important think is that White is on move.
After some short calculation, we can conclude that White has no good defencive possibilities.
So what can he do in the attack?
If there is no bishop on e8 then it is trivial.
So your task is to eliminate the bishop on e8.
Think that the bishop can do every important task that White queen can do in this position.

In this example the main thing is an accurate calculation, and when I say accurate calculation, it is about candidate moves.
There are some sequences that have to be calculated, but in order to solve this one, you need to find one nice detail.
This example is one more time, the example which I failed to solve.
It is that I usually like the exercises which I fail to solve.
I think than the combination number two is the hardest, and this one is on the second place.
The third hardest is the combination number three, and then the combination number four. The fifth combination is easiest.


  1. These puzzles are great!

    #1 1.Bxh6 Nxh6 2.Qg6+ and mates

    #2 Not sure...
    1...gxh6 2.Bxd7 Nf6 and wins a piece?

    #3 1.Re1! Rxh6 2.Rxe7 and white remains a piece up

    #4 Still not sure....

    #5 1.Qh7+! and 2.Bg6+ mates

    #6 1.Qxf7+ Kh8 2.Qxe7 Nxf1 3.Ra1 wins, I think


  2. You have the right solution on every puzzle except #2 White has 3.Qd4 at the end of your solution.

    #6 Well done for this one!

    However, number 4 is not so hard. It is easier then #6

    I´ll publish the solutions tomorrow.

  3. Aha!
    #4 1.Qxf6! gxf6 2.Rg1 seems to mate.

    Now have to look at #2 again!

  4. #2 After 3.Qd4 black can play 3...Re5 and white still has 2 pieces under attack?

  5. But then white can play 4.f4, so I am wondering if Black can better play 2..h5 to divert the white queen. If 3.Qxh5 then white no longer has Qd4 after 3...Nf6. And if 3.Qf4 then 3...Nxc3 threatens Ne2+. If 3.Qh3 or 3.Qf3 then 3...Ng5 hits the queen. Worth looking at in a game anyway!

  6. Now, you solved all of them.

  7. Thanks for posting them. It's good practice. I am only approx 2000 FIDE but hoping to improve.

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