Sunday 13 May 2012

Reportage from Sarajevo - Part one

 It is very important to be as much objective as possible when analysing own games, but at the same time it is not good to criticize too much just to make a false picture of objectivity.
I really don´t need to paint with lively colours any of my games because there are simply no room for that.
As I said in previous post, I had one more black game and that means that I played with black in the first round.
I will go trough all my games (critical positions) just for a reader to get a better picture of my poor play.
                                             Round one: The son of sorrow
                              Jankovic Alojzije 2564 - Bejtovic Jasmin 2391 (suspended)

As it is usual for the first rounds in open tournaments, there are no enough time for preparation because pairing was done one hour before tournament started. I quickly looked at my oponent repertoire and decided to play Benoni.
Position after 25.Kh1
After some mutual mistakes we got very interesting and complicated position just before time control.
I was calculating 25...c4 and 25...cxb4.
I missed that after 25...c4 I can solve all my problems along d file with Nd3 so I played:
25...cxb4 ? (25...c4 with unclear play)
26. Qh4 ! I simply mised this move. If white plays 26. Nf3 than I can play 26...Ne2! and I will either exchange queens or play Rf4 with initiative. Now, I have to fight against Rxd4.
In time trouble I didn´t find anything better than:
26...h5 (in fact , there is not better move)
After forcing sequence I lost exchange and eventually a game.
27. Nf3, Ne6
28. Nxd4, Nxd4
29. Nc5, Nf5
30. Nxd7, Nxh4
31. Nxb8, Rxb8
32. Rd4........................and after a few more moves 1-0.

                                                 Round two: Fight for a draw
                                 Bejtovic Jasmin (2391) - Ivanov Stojan Emilov 2263

I overestimated my chances in the complicate endgame and a couple of moves before time control I started to play for a draw. We reached position in which black played for g5-g4 breakthrough.
Position after 43...Rxf5
I played the best:
44. Re3, Kh5
45. Be1
With control of all critical squares.
I can meet 45...g4 with 46.hxg4+, Kxg4
47. Rh3 activating my rook.
Black tried with a better move:
45...Rf4 with idea of capturing on g4 with a rook but not with a king. I answered:
46. Rf3 with transposition in the endgame with better knight against my bishop.
Of course it is easy to construct a fortress if you look deeper in the position.
Soon we reached position on the next diagram.
Position after 56.Be3
It is important that Black is on move in this position, otherwise   it would be zugzwang for White (he had to defend d4 and control g5 for a Ng5+) . Since a knight is a piece which can´t win a tempo, there is no way to make progress.
Black played:
56...Nf8 with idea of Ng6 and maybe a check on h4. If I defende against Sh4+ with Bf2 than Nf4 can be played. So I have to control both squares h4 and f4. A solution is obvious.
57. Bf2 
Black played without much sense:
57...Nd7 and I completely neutralised his knight with
58. Bh4 he was forced to repeat position with
58...Nf8 and after
59. Bf2 he tried critical
59...Ng6 I played
60. Bg3 and we agreed to draw. So the rule is simple, when black knight is on g6 my bishop plays on g3, and when black knight is on e6 white plays Be3.

                                         Round three: A one move tragedy
                                 Nikolova Adriana 2344- Bejtovic Jasmin (2391)

In the third round I played classical position with isolated queen pawn. Everything went fine and I managed to exchange my worst piece, a light squared bishop. We reached next position when I blundered badly.
Position after 18.Qf5
I calculated several ways which leads to equality. Sometimes it can be a problem. What to choose?
Without much calculations I played:
18...Bb8 ?? Immediately after I played this horrible move I noticed that she can win a pawn. It was just to wait and see will she find it or not.
Unfortunately, she seen it.
19. Qxd7, Rxd7
20. Nxc6, bxc6
21. Bxh6! and white won a pawn, and after additional fifty moves she won a game.

                                          Round four: Fight for a draw, act two
                                  Bejtovic Jasmin (2391) - Nestorovic Lazar 2365


This was a very complicated game in which both players had a chances. I had my chances in the middlegame, but I lost to much time struggling to find best moves and eventually got this bad endgame , pawn down.
My opponent didn´t played very well and I managed to save a draw.
This was like a little victory for me.
Still, this was a game number four and next day I was black again. I didn´t won a single game up to this point, and my record with black pieces was eight straight loses.
Not so promising for fifth round.

                                   Round five: Fate has smiled upon me at last
                                       Smith Bryan 2444 - Bejtovic Jasmin (2391)

Position after 35.Rc1??
It was very interesting game in Maroczy bind. I played confidently, solving all problems up to move 30 but then I suddenly  missed one detail and lost a pawn. I had some compensation when my opponent missed a tactical trick.
He played 35. Rc1 and now I didn´t missed a chance to win a game.
36. Kg1, Rxh2!
He played the best...
37. Rdc1 and after
38. Rc7+, Kg6!
39. Qa7, Nf5
40. Kf1, Qg3 he understood that his position is completely lost. He tried a last chance:
41. Rg7+, Nxg7
42. Qf7+, Kh6
43. Qf6+, Qg6
44. Qxg6+, hxg6 and black went to win easily.

To be continued......

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