Saturday 12 May 2012

A quick overview

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A tournament in Sarajevo was finished yesterday and I am writing this lines from Mostar. I am completely exhausted and can not write a big report ( which I will do tomorrow). A winner of Bosna 2012 is Hungarian GM Viktor Erdos who managed to overtake a first place in the very last round from young Russian guy  Mikhail Antipov.
I underperformed for 0,5 point, which practically means that I should made 4,5 out of 9 with same opponents to keep my Elo. I made "only" 4 points. It can be explained like a bad tournament but there were some reasons behind this. For the fifth time in a row in 2012 I got one more black pieces and out of my 41 games in 2012 I had only 18 white pieces against 23 black games. This was frustrating. So + 0,5 or -0,5 in one tournament is not a big deal, but something else was a big deal.
I played very very bad. I was lost in one of my wins, and could win easy in my second wins but I blundered badly and went to win very stressing position. I can´t complain about my third wins.
In my two draws I had very suspicious positions, and was very near to lose both.
All my defeats were well deserved. I was actually smashed in two games. Sounds horrible, right?
All right, more about chess side of my performance will come tomorrow and all about results you can find on the following link: Bosna 2012 .
From tomorrow I will cover two big events, Sigeman tournament in Sweden and World Championship Match in Moscow.

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