Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Anand is the new (old) World Champion

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A last two games with normal time control finished with a draws, and actually without any fight like in the games 6-10 (which was best part of the match).
Today, Anand and Gelfand played a tie-break and Anand won game number two and games 1,3 and 4 were draws, so Anand defended his title.
Of course that every win in WC match is deserved and I don´t complain about outcome of this match.

What I need to say is that Anand won this match by winning two games, one of them with classical time control and other in rapid play. The classical game which he won was a terrible blunder by Boris Gelfand and in his rapid game he won by pressing home an endgame which was actually a very easy draw. 
So, let´s imagine this situation. We got a new World Champion and a bit away from this lights of cameras in press room and attention in media all over the World, he wants to show his big achievement in this match by commentating one of his games in some chess club (for his fans or something like that). 
Which game would he show for a public?
The game number 7, or game number 2 in tie-break?
If you understand me well I really don´t see any objective reason why he won this match. He was more psychologically stable than his opponent and a bit quicker in rapid games.
I would even be brave enough to say that Gelfand had a slight initiative in a whole match, and a bit more of initiative in the tie breaks.
He was not quick enough in rapid games and went to make two or three blunders.
How was match decided?
Very simply. This two guys played very solid and number of mistakes were to low so take away most of a time from them and let´s see who will make more mistakes.
It is not a meter who will  play better, who will show more creativity, or who will give a chess something which World Champion is supposed to deliver. No, it was only a meter who will make less mistakes in rapid games.
It is not my cup of tea, but maybe I expected to much from Gelfand and Anand, players who pasted their best years and maybe everything is not their mistake, but a inappropriate candidates which couldn't play a bit better than Gelfand in candidate matches, and who could avoid to complain about a whole chess history (Carlsen) don´t accepting to play a candidate matches if a World Champion is not in them.
I have to notice that Gelfand behavoir in press room was a bit inappropriate in the last couple of days, not only constantly complaining about people who talked during a questions (he had right with that), but giving a rude answers like "I am not here to have an opinion, I am here to play chess" to some quite normal questions about match.
And I will finish this sad story about this match by quotation of my friend Michael De Verdier:

"Absurdly, I found myself wanting some over-enthusiastic fan of one of the players coming to the playing venue blowing a vuvuzuela during the uneventful middlegames"


If somebody have thoughts about future of this blog because I didn´t updated it a few days, I have to say that I am on some kind of "active vacation" after doing tremendous job with my chess during winter and springer.
I will write a lot more during a summer with a beginning of 12. June when I will travel back to Sweden.
My next tournament is actually a Bosnia and Herzegovina Premier league in chess which begins on the Saturday 02.June and will finish Sunday 10. June.
It is a competition of 10 best clubs in the country, and one them is actually the best club in Europe (if we consider which club won European club cup most of times), SK Bosna Sarajevo which are clear favourites in the competition.
This year a main contender will be SK Siroki Brijeg and for a third place which leads to European club cup (some sort of Champions league in chess) my favourite is SK Glasinac Sokolac but a few more clubs have their chances:
SK Napredak Sarajevo (a club for which I will play)
SK Slavija Ist.Sarajevo
SK Celik Zenica.
After these clubs is a group of 4 clubs which will play for one place to avoid relegation (of course this is only my prediction).
My club SK Napredak Sarajevo is a bit better on the first board compared to last year, and we are much stronger on board number 5 (which moved our board number five from last year to sixth place). I am not familiar with an ambition of my club but with a bit of effort we can reach a third place.

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