Friday 18 May 2012

Missed and spotted combinations

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Today, I will present five positions in which I missed or spotted good combinations. I shall not give solutions to these positions in this post, and it is easy to find these positions (some of them) in databases, but of course without commentary. 
Some of them are not leading to winning positions but are clearly best continuations and have good tactical background (which made them became combinations, not variations).

White to move
Position number one

White can break trough d-file but Black king has safe heaven on h7. It is hard to include a rook on e1 in attack without letting Black rook on b5 move to defence on b7 or b8.
Black can even took a pawn on c3 and don´t forget that white can have problem on the back rank.
Still there is a tactical solution which gives white initiative.

Black just played 24...f4
Position number two

Black just played 24...f4 with a threat of 25...Bxf3 and 26...Qxh3 .
White is very passive, but there is an energy in his pieces.
There is a tactical solution which leads to advantage for White.
Variations are complicated but moves are not so hard to find. In this example good calculation is needed, but not a fantastic tactical vision.

Black played 20...Rb5

Position number three

This position is easiest to solve. A right move is quite obvious  but a real problem is to asses a position after a combination.
It is very useful to understand which positional factors are in white advantage and which strategic rule made this combination possible.

What about 21. Rae1 ?
Position number four

I calculated variation 21.Rae1, Qxa4.
How I wanted to proceed and is it correct to sacrifice a pawn on a4.
In this example, it is very important to know some tactical patterns and to use it on right way in your calculations.

A real combination
Position number five

In this position I calculated 32...Nxf3.
It is easy to see that Black is winning if White takes 33.Nxf3, but what is going on after 33. Ng6+, Kg8 34. Nxc7  ?
This example is a real combination with many elements. To find it you have to show some tactical vision and also a precise calculation. You can not rely on patterns here, because combination is unusual.


A reason why I present this combinations , which are a little tactical course for average and advanced players is that I think it is much more interesting than WC match in Moscow.
After my last post about that match, Anand and Gelfand played two pretty boring games without slight chance for a win. I don´t know what will happen as they already played half of the match.
They could not  expect more media attention than they received in Moscow and even their answers in press room after the games are pretty boring.

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