Thursday 27 June 2013

June combinations

It is a right time for this monthly rubric.
This time I will publish five combinations, of which some are very hard, and some are very easy. The common thing of all combinations is that they are from my own games.
Some of them are from my old games, but some of them are from my recent games from Bosnian tour.

For those who are interesting in professional opening analysis, there are the banner (click on the picture to navigate on the site) on the left side of the blog, with the most professional analysis that I found on the Internet.

Black is on move.
Estimate the value of Be6-Bg4 move.

This position is from one of my most recent games.

Black is on move in this position too.
If Black played d6-d5, how you estimate the situation on the most natural capture Bxd5 ?

This is the easiest position in this article.
Black has two possibilities to move his queen, and it seems that the pawn on d5 will fall.
Choose your option:

A: Qb7-Qf7 is better move
B: Qb7-Qb3 is better move
C: The both moves are of the equal value

This position is from my old game from Neckar Open in Stuttgart 2009.

White move was Bc1xBf4 with idea of taking on e5 in the case of exd5, and then pinning Black on the e-file.
Find the best defence for Black.

This is from my old game from Austria in 2008.
This position is not easy, but I am proud that I have seen everything what I shall publish in the solution.

The hardest position of all....
This is from my game from Scandinavian Open 2009, in Copenhagen.
Black has two options...Kc8 and Ke6.
Find the best attacking way for White on either defence.

Calculate to the this position can be really tricky!

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