Wednesday 19 December 2012

Solution for the combinations

According to the readers feedback, the combinations in December were harder then usual.
However few of them were solved pretty easy while one of them was not solved by anyone who talked with me.
As I am going to play two tournaments in January, which means that there will be the reports from the tournaments and so on, there will be no January combinations on this blog, but as a compensation for that I shall publish some tactical moments from the games in December.
It is important to understand that the tactics is not some independent element in the game as it is mainly determined by successful strategy.

I shall start with the easiest.

2. Bc1
(2. Rc1, Qxf5 -+)

Now, a check on e6 is not useful at all and White can resign or play:

2. Qxe4, Rd1+
3. Kxd1, Nf2+  -+

This position is from the game:
Bejtovic-Brynell Copenhagen 2009.

Stellan missed:

2. Kxa3
(2. bxa3, Qb1# )
3. Kb3, Qa4#

Anyway, he won in the endgame.

Grandelius - Smith Lund 2012

Smith missed:

2. Qe4
(2. Qxb5, Rg1+! 3. Rxg1, Qxf3+ 4. Rg2, Qxd1+ with mate )
3. Rxf1, Qf7 -+

Instead he played:
2. Qa6!!  ...and White later won.

Here we have the question, if Black can take on d4 or must to play g7-g6.


This is the right move, as:

2. Bxg7, h5!

White´s queen is deflected from g file and Black is winning.

This is from the game:
Vego-Bejtovic  Rapid Mostar 2011

2. Bxf3 (forced, as f2 was hanging)
3. Raxc8 (only with this rook. Otherwise there is a mate on squares f1 and f2)
4. Kh1, Qf3+
5. Kh2, Qe2+!
6. Kh3, Rf2! ...with a mate on h5 or h2.

There was the question of how many moves in sequence 1...Bxe4 2. Nxe4, Qd5 were wrong?
The answer is two.
Both moves by Black are wrong.

2. Nxe4, Qd5?
(With 2...Qe5 Black still could keep the balance)
3. Qg3!!, Qxe4
(3...Rxe4 4. Ne6 +-)
4. Ne6!, Rxe6
5. Rxd8+, Re8
6. Qb8 +-

This combination is from my mobile application, and I failed to solve it (same as everybody who gave me a feedback).

1. Rfe3!!

Construction of the rook battery on e file.
There are no solutions for Black. White will check on e5 and take the Queen with Re6.

2. Rc3+, Kb4
3. a3+ +-

This combination was only partly solved by some readers.

The only move which protects all focal points.

2. Kg1!!

One could think that 2. Rg7 is winning, but:
3. Kg1, Qe4!  wins for Black as h7 is protected and there are no check on f8 (rook is on g7). Check on d8 is not dangerous as Black has Re8.

However after prophylactic move by White, which defend him against check on a8 there is nothing what can Black do.
For example:

In order to protect g7 square.

3. h7!
...and where will Black´s queen move is not important as White has perpetual attack on it from the seventh rank.

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