Saturday 15 December 2012

Malmö Open 2012 - The pictures

I was in Malmö today and I was watching Malmö Open 2012.
I played this tournament three times but this year I decided to skip it in order to spare some time for my training.
I took some photos and have a good time chatting with friends between rounds.
I want you to put special attention on the three pictures of Mladen Gajic and position of his king and queen.
By the way I left the playing hall during the fifth round when Hillarp Persson and Jonny Hector played their game for, I suppose, tournament victory.


  1. Thanks for the pictures. Isn't there some kind of rule (in long games) where you have to play a king move when it's wrongly placed ?

    By the way, don't forget the follow-up article on opening preparation ;-)

  2. That article will follow after the solution of December combinations.
    Yes, there is a rule that you have to play with king on d8 if it is 3 moves already played.
    White could ask for that, but when Mladen did this "two hands castle" his opponent did nothing. I suppose that in that case verything was normal.