Tuesday 22 October 2013

The new period

The period of the last three weeks was very intense in my life.
There were a lot of football and travels, but not so much chess.
As this blog is not exclusively about chess I will write about these travels too, but the concept of blog would be ruined if I would write from every city that I visited in the last three weeks, as in that case there would not be articles about chess.
However, in front of me is a chess period, the time when I will do a lot of training and also I will play in some tournaments.
I did not forgot the games that I will show here, from my recent tournaments, even if there is more then two months old.

My idea for this post is to explain what you can expect in the next period, but the order is just a preliminary:

  • Pictorial report from Edinburgh with short explanations
  • The last thought on Manhem chess week
  • Reportage from Belfast (This article should be a highlight) 
  • My games from Neum...
  • Reportage from Dublin and Cork (This will be written by Mr. de Verdier)
  • The second part of my games from Neum
  • Pictorial report from Helsinki
  • The third (and the last) part of my games from Neum
  • Pictorial report from Lithuania (Vilnius+Kaunas)
  • The WC match Carlsen-Anand
The idea is to somehow compensate the period of inactivity with a frequent writing in the next period, and also to focus on some things that were not so exposed in the previous period on the blog.
That should be the real, first person impression on some places and events from all this travels (chess and non-chess).
My intention is not to write tourist guides here as you can find a much better all over the Internet.
It will be some articles focused on personal picture of some details that makes life more fulfilled and better.
The first article you can expect already today...

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