Sunday 4 August 2013

Politiken Cup 2013

Today finished Politiken Cup 2013.
The winner is Indian Grandmaster Negi P.
In the last round he won against Italian GM Brunello S.

Politiken Cup is the biggest open tournament in Scandinavia.
It is by number of players, by number of GMs in the tournament, by the price money.
I played there three times, every year with a good score, but 2010 is especially in my memory, as I became IM there.
It is not easy to play in Helsingör, as in the rule, there were no conditions for International masters, and I was forced to live at home, and travel there every day around 2,5 hours in one way.
It sounds extreme, but it is a way how many players from Scania (Southern Swedish province) plays in Politiken Cup.
The way there is quite interesting also.
It depends where in Scania you live, but almost every line leads to Helsingborg, and from Helsinborg to Helsingör there were regular and frequent ferry lines.
From the ferry you can enjoy a view on the castle which inspired Willian Sakespeare in his most famous tragedy, Hamlet.

From the harbour in Helsingör, playing hall is situated about half an hour by foot, but the way there is very pleasant.....
If you consider that you can prepare on the train to Helsingborg, then 2,5 hours are not so much.
However, I skipped this tournament this time, but yesterday I visited playing venue.
There were very good and tense fights.
When I arrived there, I met Marley Gargamel Grandelius, analysing his game with his opponent, Danish hope, Mads Andersen.
I thought that the game finished in a draw, but Marley showed me that he just blundered the queen sacrifice by his opponent.
He anticipate it in slightly different version.

During my visit, GM Sabino Brunello, won his game against Cheparinov, and Negi went on to win his game against Hrant Melkumyan (he was slightly worse the whole game , until Hrant made a mistake in the endgame).

Today, Negi played the final game against Brunello, and he won in a nice style.
Here is the final table.

Rank after Round 10

Rk.NameGrFEDRtgIRtgNClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2 Rp
1GMNegi ParimarjanIND26340Katernb9.053.558.252779
2GMCheparinov IvanBUL267808.057.555.002698
3GMEdouard RomainFRA26620Chalonnais8.056.053.252667
4GMHansen Sune BergDEN25492557Helsingør8.053.050.752607
5GMTimman Jan HNED25840Porz8.052.551.502618
6GMBrunello SabinoITA259308.052.551.002627
7GMVan Kampen RobinNED259508.048.046.502470
8GMErenburg SergeyUSA261507.554.548.002597
9GMMelkumyan HrantARM26320Berlin 1903 e. V7.554.047.252582
10IMBekker-Jensen SimonDEN24142412Philidor7.550.546.252433
11GMBulski KrzysztofPOL25340"Hetman"7.550.543.252549

Here is the position:

Negi Parimarjan - Brunello Sabino

White is much better. His bishop is much more dangerous then Black´s bishop. White can occupy f5 square with his knight. However, Black has a lot of defencive resources.
He made a decision to open the g-file. The position became sharp.

23. gxh4, Rg6
24. h5, Rg5
25. h4, Rg7
26. Rg1, Rdd7?

Black should try with 26...f5!? but even then, White is better.

27. h6, Rg6
28. h5, Qxh6

29. Qxf6+!

This is probably what Sabino did not seen.

30. Qf5

Probably in the time trouble he blundered badly with:

31. hxg6 1-0

After 30...Qh6 White is better after 31. Qf6+, Qg7 32. Qh4.

A nice achievement by Indian Grandmaster.

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