Saturday 17 August 2013

Brilliant game from Manhem Chess Week 2013

After receiving positive response on my article from Gothenburgs chess tournament, I decided to publish my best game from there as soon as possible.
It is a very rare occasion that I publish two articles in one day, but also the very rare occasion that the game which ended in a draw can be so excited.
My opponent was IM John Paul Wallace from Australia (currently living in London), and he played very good chess in Gothenburg (despite his modest result).
You can find more about him on his website Wallace Chess .

As Tiger Hillarp Persson already mentioned in his comments on the game 
Wallace-Rozentalis, on this level it is not enough to play a good chess. You have to be precise all the time.
You can find it on Tiger´s blog .

However, the first, although not the most deep, look at my game against Wallace shows that even the quality of our decisions was on the decent level.
In order to do this interesting for my readers, you can go thought some questions before you look at the comments.
The answers are hidden in the comments:

White played a setup with pretty unusual development of his knights.
The idea is to put his queen knight on c4 if I enter some kind of Benoni or Volga Gambit structures.
What is the best way for Black to proceed?

White just took on f5.
Make a list of the candidate moves, and then calculate the consequences.

What happens if White plays b4 and attacks the knight on c5.
Black can always jump on d3, but would he had an enough compensation, or there is something else for Black?

We are already near the end of the game. White just played d5-d6 and Black has a lot of options. Only one of them can keep the winning chances for him.
Can you find it?

I like this one the most. Black has no concrete solutions.
He has to think strategically.
If we apply the principal of the weakest piece, we can find the right plan.
I did it in the game despite the time trouble, which means that you can do it too.


  1. Is it possible to download a pgn-file of the game?

  2. 1.Just click on the d8 square, and the nex window with the game in PGN format will open.
    2. Copy the text and save it with pgn extention in any text editor.
    3. Open the file with Chessbase or any other pgn reader.