Sunday 10 March 2013

My games from Cannes, Part 1/3

It took some time for me to get my energy back from my tour in France, and now when I feel the new hunger for chess, I can look forward to final of Swedish league in Västerås.
Before a focus of this blog moves for that competition, I want to show some interesting details from my games in France.
I already showed my game from the first round, but the readers could only see the results from the rest of the rounds.
I shall provide some chess too.
I will not publish the games in chess viewer, as they can be found in TWIC or some other database on the Internet.
Everything will be published in chronological order, and after the third part it will be some conclusions.

GM Dobrov Vladimir E2534 -  IM Bejtovic Jasmin E2382

The diagram into introduction is from this game.
I played The Yugoslav variation of The Fiachetto King´s Indian, and pretty orthodox defence with my knight on b7.
When I thought that my opponent do not know what to do, and that my natural breakthrough with f7-f5 is not the most promising plan, I decided to open up the queen side.

18. Nd2, b5

He didn´t react on the best possible way...

19. a4?, cxb4
20. Na2, bxa4
21. Nxb4, Nc5

I was better and I kept my advantage all the way to the time control.

Here I have only few seconds when I played....


I threw away all my advantage.
As computer and both, me and my opponent, pointed out after the game, 38...Qf6 keeping alive my b-pawn , would give me close to winning advantage.
I was afraid by some imaginary counterplay with Ne3....

39. Bxc5, Bxc5
40. Rxb3, Rxb3
41. Qxb3, Qg7
42. Qd3, Qd4

We agreed for a draw.

IM Bejtovic Jasmin E2382 - GM Godena Michele E2516

My opponent is well known for his solid play.
Here he found a very interesting idea based on positional concept of hooks (explained in Jacob Aagaard´s book, Positional Play).


Preparing to advance with a-pawn.

14. Qc2, a5
15. Rb1, a4
16. Ba1, axb3

...and with only 10 minutes to the time control, he offered me a draw.
I accepted when I had about 25 minutes.
After forced:

17. axb3

He thought that I am slightly better, but as I showed (and Dobrov also), he can sacrifice an exchange...

18. Rxa1, Qxb3
19. Qxb3, Nxb3

This position is unclear, with a full compensation for him.

20. Ra8?, Be6 and black is even better.

FM Sorm Daniel E2317 - IM Bejtovic Jasmin E2382

My opponent played The four pawn attack against my The King´s Indian Defence, and he decided to try to keep his pawn on e5 (which is usually not a good idea).


This is one of the best decisions that I took in Cannes.
He failed to recognise my main threat.

17. h3?, Nf4

There is no good way to keep the balance for him after this.

When we reached the following position, I played a very interesting plan.
I am not sure is it the best....


With a rook transfer on the g-file.

25. Nc3, Rg5?!

Better was 25...Be6 with advantage

26. Ra1?

He could play 26. e5 and grab his chance. Position is still better for Black.

27. Rxa1, Be6

There is no hope for White in this position.
Black will put a pressure on g-pawn and along the third rank by Rg3.
The Black bishop pair controls everything.
I won convincingly.

To be continued....

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