Thursday 18 October 2012

The solutions for the combinations 1-6

The first combination was from the game:

Bejtovic J. E2425 - Clausen S. E2237 
Rogaska Slatina 2011

Everyone who found this sequence can considered the combination as solved.
32. c6!, Rxc6 (32...d3 33. Qc3, d2 34. Nxd2, Qxd2 35. Qxd2, Rxd2 36. c7 +-)
33. Rxe5!, Rxc4
34. Rxd5, Rxd2
35. Rxd8
and White won on move 37.
The point of this combination is that I sacrificed my c-pawn for the e-pawn and than White can easily convert his material advantage. Black tried to refute an idea of c5-c6 by taking with the rook (32...bxc6 33. Rc5 and e5 falls ) but White just transposed into endgame.

Bejtovic Jasmin E2405 - Vogel Jaap 2207
Cappelle la Grande 2011

This is the easiest combination out of this twelve.
A motive is the weakens of the back rank, just for the minor difference we have the knight on f7 instead of the pawn.
19. Nxd5!
and Black can never take on d5. Or?
19...exd5 ?!
20. Qxe8
Black resigned.

Wieczorek Oscar E2330 - Bejtovic Jasmin E2405
GM Marianske Lazne 2011

This was was missed opportunity for me.
I played:
40. Qe6+, Rg6
41. Qh3
with a repetition
I could have won the game if I understood that only what I need is my rook on f3 and he can never protect his knight of g2.
40. Kh2, e4!
41. Bxe4, Nxe4
...and now if he recaptures on e4 then I just play Rf3 which wins on the spot.
42. Rf1, Qxf1
43. Rxf1, Rxf1
...and Black has winning position.

Bejtovic J. E2338 - Umanec F. E2200
Prague Open 2010

My opponent just sacrificed a piece on g4.
13. hxg4, hxg4
14. Ne5, Nxe5
15. dxe5
His point now was that if he takes
it hangs my queen on d1 and mate on h2, but he missed
16. Qxg4+ , ("Yes Hastings, it is check!" )
He played instead
and eventually lost on move 22.

Bejtovic J. E2405 - Schula M. E2300
Prague Open 2011

I won a piece (and the game) after:
26. Nxe4, Bxe4 (26...Nxe4 27. Bxe4, Bxe4 28. Bc5 +-)
27. Bc5
and the bishop on e4 was lost.

Bejtovic J. E2332 - Berkell P. E2211
Elitserien 09/20  Malmö 2009

In this example my opponent missed a chance to save a draw with:
35. Kxh1, Ng3+
36. Kh2 (36. Kg1, Bc5+ 37. Kh2, Nf1+ with Nf1-Ng3 draw)
37. Kg1 (37. Kh1, Ng3+)
38. Kh1, Ng3+
....with perpetual
I won on move 62.

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