Wednesday 24 October 2012

A training for the juniors in Malmö

Chess federation of Scania (Southern Swedish region) organises chess training for juniors on Saturday 27th October.
I will be one of the trainers, and I shall take this opportunity to invite  juniors there as there are still some places left.
The second trainer will be IM Daniel Semcesen.
Also, I got a mail today about one weekend tournament in Lund, and in the text you can read about it.

Chess federation of Scania (Skånes Schackförbund) organise training for the juniors two times per year, one time during the Springer and one time during the Autumn.
This time the trainers will be IM Daniel Semcesen and me.
Daniel will talk about attacking chess and I will train about an endgame.
Juniors will be separated in two groups and will learn about these topics with both trainers.
Everyone who is interested can found an invitation on the following link :
The training for juniors .
Besides private training sessions which majority of chess professionals does at some stage of chess career I had an experience of teaching chess for the bigger group of juniors.
When I was a junior (about 19-20 years old) I had a group of chess students in Centre for Youths "Heart" in my home city Mostar.

I had some success even then, when couple of my student became easily players for top 10 in Mostar, but nobody of them ever made successful chess career.
Back to the actual moment....
The weekend after training in Malmö (the first weekend in November) it will be organised Mragel Open in Lund.
Usually, I don´t write about rapid chess or weekend tournaments, but this time I will make an exception, because I was asked for that, and because it is the tournament in which I was the arbiter one and only time in my life (everybody can see this rarity on my FIDE profile ).
You can find the invitation on the following link:
Mragel Open, Autumn 2012
Other information can be found on the web page of LASK, but right now there is no list of the players who will play.
Mragel open in the tournament which I won two times, and it is played in classical Swedish format with quicker time control in the beginning and the few real games.

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