Thursday 24 April 2014

Solution for April combinations

After you have plenty of time to solve these combinations, I decided to publish the solution.
Many of you were wondering if this site is on it´s way to be closed or not updated. I can assure you that it will not happen. Sometimes, I have more inspiration to write and sometimes I do not have inspiration. Also, sometimes the priorities are different, so the frequency of writing is always different, but blog will definitely go on. Chess is one of my passions, I will always play chess and I always has something to write about it and I like to share my opinions.
These lines are just for those who had some speculations in the last period. I have to thank the readers for patient and visits, as blog reached the record of monthly visitors already today  (there are six more days in April) and for comparison, in March and April Chess & Life had more visits then in whole 2012.

In this position Black can play 1...Ne2+ and restore material balance.
There is one extra option in 1...g5. As White queen can only escape on h6 ( 2. Qg3 runs into fork) Black can play 2...Ne2+ and pick up the whole rook.
If this was your solution, then you are just partly right. You have to see the resource for White 2. Rxf4. After this move, there is only one winning move for Black, and it is 2...Qxe5.
So the complete solution is:
2. Rf4!, Qxe5! -+

White attacking potential is huge. he has winning combination:

1. Nfh6+ (Yes this knight, as the rook on f1 is open now)
2. Nxh6+, Kg7
3. Rxf7+, Kh8
4. Rxh7+ ...and White is winning queen on e8

This position is quite interesting.

1. Qb7! Looks like White is just winning the rook on a8 and he is simply exchange up, but....
That is Black´s defencive resource.
2. d5!
Black is lost now, as he can not move his knight (d6+ wins the queen).
It looks quite simple but I found this combination hard to crack.

In this example we have question if 1.Bxh7 works.
The answer is that it doesn´t.
Black is winning.

1. Bxh7, Qxe5
2. Bd3+, Nh7!!
3. Rxh7+, Kg8
4. fxe5, Bxg5+
5. Kb1, Rxd3!
6. Rxd3, Kxh7 -+

This is my favourite out of these combinations.
Optically, white is winning but....
2. Ke4, Nb3
3. Bd4 (Tries to stop Black´s idea with Bc5+ threat)
Black will move Na1 and b4-b3
In that position he will just move Nc2-Na1. If White king comes to c3 (attack b3) he will just move Ke8-Kf7.
There is nothing that White can do. 
Do not forget this example!

Combine two out of five "Bejtovic´s drawing techniques".

1.Kb1, Kg7
2. Rh6!! (buys some time)
3. Kc1, Rh8
4. Kd1, Kg5
5. Ke2, Rh2
6. Kf1 (just in time)
Now if Black checks on the first rank, Ke2 is safe for White as the rook can not stay on the first rank. The fortress with one stalemate detail!

White is winning.
1. a8Q+, Kxa8  The whole point with this sacrifice is to free c7 square for own king.
2. h7, Re1+ (Only try)
3. Kd7, Rd1+
4. Kc7, Rc1+
5. Bc4!! (So White moved on c-file just to sacrifice his bishop on the fourth rank, the same rank where g-pawn is. The solution does not work with Be2 or Bd3 sacrifice).
6. Kd7 and White moves from checks on g7 (There is no check on g file and there is no Rh4).


  1. On Combine two out of five "Bejtovic´s drawing techniques", what happens on 1. ... Rh8 ?

    1. If after 1. Kb1 Black plays 1...Rh8 then White answers with 2. Rf8!

  2. of course. nice touch!