Wednesday 12 February 2014

XXVIII Festival of Games - Cannes

My next tournament will be very strong open tournament in Cannes, on French Riviera.
I played in the same tournament last year, and my impressions were very positive. It was not so hard to take a decision to take part in this tournament again.
For this year organisers decided to extend the tournament for two days, so this time we will play with only one double round (instead for last year´s three double rounds).
The starting list for this year is much stronger in comparison with the last year, even if tournament was very strong in 2013.
The tournament is part of the Cannes festival of the games, and besides the A group (Only the players with Elo higher then 2100) it will be competition in group B and C.
Even if you are not a chess player, you can surly find some game in which you can enjoy.
If you are good at darts, board games, strategy games, card games, video games....anything, you can come to Cannes and enjoy.

For this preview, I want to present the list of players in group A, at least top 50:

  • 1 g LI Chao B 2680 F Sen CHN 
  • 2 g AMIN Bassem 2665 F Sen EGY IDF C.E. de Bois-Colombes
  • 3 g TKACHIEV Vladislav 2637 F Sen FRA IDF Evry Grand Roque
  • 4 g BAUER Christian 2633 F Sen FRA IDF C.E. de Bois-Colombes
  • 5 g PERALTA Fernando 2603 F Sen ARG CHA L'Echiquier Chalonnais
  • 6 g BUKAVSHIN Ivan 2578 F Jun RUS 
  • 7 g ALSINA LEAL Daniel 2553 F Sen ESP PRO Echiquier des Papes
  • 8 g KUNIN Vitaly 2545 F Sen GER ALS Club d'Echecs de Mundolsheim
  • 9 g MAZE Sebastien 2536 F Sen FRA PRO Marseille Echecs
  • 10 g GELLER Jakov 2536 F Sen RUS 
  • 11 g YAKOVICH Yuri 2533 F Sen RUS 
  • 12 g GREENFELD Alon 2532 F Sen ISR 
  • 13 g SANCHEZ Joseph 2525 F Sen PHI CAZ Grasse Echecs
  • 14 g APICELLA Manuel 2521 F Sen FRA CAZ Grasse Echecs
  • 15 g GODENA Michele 2519 F Sen ITA CAZ Cannes Echecs
  • 16 g SULAVA Nenad 2471 F Sen CRO CAZ Nice Alekhine
  • 17 m PANJWANI Raja 2468 F Sen CAN 
  • 18 m SHOKER Samy 2463 F Sen EGY IDF C.E. de Bois-Colombes
  • 19 m KOPYLOV Michael 2460 F Sen UKR 
  • 20 m PAEHTZ Elisabeth 2458 F Sen GER ALS Mulhouse Philidor
  • 21 m DONCHENKO Alexander 2449 F Min GER LOR Vandoeuvre-Echecs
  • 22 g ARKELL Keith C 2444 F Sen ENG LOR Echiquier Nanceien
  • 23 m ANKIT R. Rajpara 2443 F Jun IND 
  • 24 g BESHUKOV Sergei 2440 F Sen RUS 
  • 25 m LEKIC Dusan 2435 F Sen MNE 
  • 26 g TISCHBIEREK Raj 2431 F Sen GER FRC Tour Prends Garde! Besancon
  • 27 m BATTAGLINI Gabriel 2422 F Sen FRA IDF C.E. de Rueil Malmaison
  • 28 m ALOMA VIDAL Robert 2416 F Sen ESP 
  • 29 m BAI Jinshi 2410 F Min CHN 
  • 30 m SHKAPENKO Pavel 2406 F Sen RUS 
  • 31 m BEJTOVIC Jasmin 2402 F Sen BIH 
  • 32 f VALLES Manuel 2400 F Sen FRA PRO Echiquier Centre Vaucluse
  • 33 m BELLIA Fabrizio 2398 F Sen ITA BNO L'Echiquier Deauvillais
  • 34 m GIROYAN Gary 2392 F Cad FRA CAZ Cannes Echecs
  • 35 m BLECHZIN Igor 2390 F Vet RUS 
  • 36 m BORGO Giulio 2386 F Sen ITA CAZ C.E.M.C. Monaco
  • 37 f ARAVINDH Chithambaram Vr. 2381 F Min IND 
  • 38 m DONCHENKO Anatoly 2373 F Vet GER 
  • 39 m DEBRAY Christopher 2363 F Sen FRA IDF C.E. de Rueil Malmaison
  • 40 f JOIE Sebastien 2361 F Sen FRA DSA Cercle d'Echecs de l'Agglomération Annécienne
  • 41 m SKOMOROKHIN Roman 2355 F Sen RUS 
  • 42 f AGHAYEV Miragha 2352 F Sen ITA 
  • 43 gf SADUAKASSOVA Dinara 2348 F Cad KAZ 
  • 44 f RIFF Vincent 2346 F Sen FRA ALS Mulhouse Philidor
  • 45 LEI Tingjie 2346 F Cad CHN
  • 46 m WEINDL Alfred 2344 F Sen GER 
  • 47 m QENDRO Llambi 2339 F Vet ALB 
  • 48 m VUILLEUMIER Alexandre 2330 F Sen SUI IDF C.E. de Bois-Colombes
  • 49 MIDOUX Sebastien 2325 F Sen FRA PRO CE Vitrolles
  • 50 f DESLANDES Pascal 2320 F Sen FRA IDF Club d'Echecs du Vesinet
The ratings are from 1. January, so it will be some changes in this list.

If you want to see the complete list of A tournament, you can visit the following link:

There are also the lists for Tournament B and Tournament C .

In this part of the year, when you can not really enjoy the weather in Sweden, it is the real thing to move on French Riviera, so I expect to enjoy in Cannes, at least as the last year.
I will write about the tournament a lot more, and for now you can watch a video of The Festival of Games 2013.

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