Saturday 17 November 2012

November combinations

 For this month I decided to publish five combinations from my mobile application for tactics. These combinations are in average a bit harder then the rest of combinations in the app.
In all positions it is Black´s turn.
In the first position your task is to take advantage of uncoordinated white pieces.
A material is in the balance, but White has some pieces hanging and even those who are not hanging at the moment are protected with the pieces which are not stable.
Find the right series of moves and win more material!

White is on his way to win all material back (he is a piece down).
It is obvious that White´s king is in danger, but Black still needs to find the right move order.
This example is the easiest today, but still there are some details which has to be worked out.

This example is not so hard to solve, but it is very nice and I decided to put it in my collection.
First of all we need to see what is White´s threat.
Yes, it is 1. Qh8 #.
Does this mean that Black has to take a draw with perpetual check?
Which tactical idea can Black use in his advantage?

Black has four units in the attack on the White´s king.
There are several options on his disposal, but it seems that neither of them is good enough.
This example is really hard (for this collection) as Black needs to find two only moves in the right combination of moves.
Once when you see the solution it can be trivial, but I found this to be very hard.

This one is by far the hardest combination in this colletion.
There are no hard moves in it, but you have to calculate focused and have to do it in very structural way.
White just took on g6 and now everything is hanging in the position.
The positions of both kings are not safe and there are several posibilities for both sides.
Can you find the right way for Black?
It may be just a draw.

I shall travel to Budapest tomorrow (not chess related) and there will be no activity on the blog til Friday.
In the last part of November you can expect a lot of articles on the blog.
Tomorrow starts Malta Open with Michael de Verdier as one of the players.
After the tournament, de Verdier will write a rapport from the tournament.
I will publish the second part of my article about developement in the openings (which I have not written because I worked on my openings as a mad man in the last 4-5 days), and of course I will publish the solutions for these combinations.
It will be time for some chess activity then as Elitserien will continue with a big Scania derby on programme (LImhamns S.K. - LASK) and I will follow super tournament in London with some analysis here on the blog.
After I come back from Budapest I will publish big pictorial rapport (not chess related).

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