Tuesday 4 September 2012

The Olympiad - Round 7.

We are already in the second part of Chess Olympiad in Istanbul and today´s round was quite interesting.
Bosnian team, not so good rated (place 50) continued with surprisingly good results, this time against very strong team of Czech Republic (rated 17th).
It was just due to luck that Czech Republic saved a draw and match finished with peaceful result of 2-2.
On the other hand, Swedes disappointed again. After two victories in a row, Sweden got Slovenia which was a good opponent to play against (rated 28th, compared with 34th which is Sweden´s starting place). Slovenia won with 3,5-0,5.

Bosnia and Herzegovina-Czech Republic 2-2

It was very interesting match in which we played with Bosko Tomic on third board, after long waiting period (he played in round number one).
He didn´t played for opening advantage, but tried to do his best in the typical position in the middlegame.
He sacrificed a piece for an attack, and got perpetual check, against much higher rated opponent. It was good half a point for us, especially because Bosko took a draw, just when he seen that Denis Kadric will win his game.
Denis Kadric is a story for himself.
He played solidly, safe and confident with a black pieces.
After his opponent crossed a line, he punished him badly. Nice counter-attack, and Bosnians were at lead 1,5-0,5.
In that moment Kurajica had some advantage against Laznicka on the first table, while David Navara had a very slight advantage against Dizdarevic,
Dizdarevic played quite good today, but he blundered badly and Czech Republic equalised.
Kurajica´s advantage disappeared and he took a draw in position without any winning chances. The final score was 2-2.
It is indeed very good result for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and if nothing drastic happens in the last four rounds, this Olympiad would be a good result for our team and should show a light at the end of tunnel for Bosnian chess.

Slovenia-Sweden 3,5-0,5

First of all, I have to say that one of the Swedish players has some problems with his stomach, and they were forced to play with their today´s players. Same can be said for Slovenia, because they played without highest rated player Luka Lenic.
The first game to finish was Beliavsky-Grandelius, and Nils really played how you should play on the first board, with black pieces. He never had problems in the game, and secured important half a point for his team.
Players with White pieces, Berg and Smith lost their games.
While Smith came quite all right after the opening, Berg had a big problems straight from the opening. He sacrificed an exchange, never found a compensation for it, and lost convincingly.
Smith won a pawn,  early after the opening, but he never had serious advantage, as Black always had enough compensation in form of control on the dark squares.
I knew it directly, but I have to say that I am impressed how today's engines developed in such positions. Even computer did not showed any advantage for White despite his extra pawn.
What happened next is hard to explain, and I will not try to do it.
Smith blundered a piece in balanced position. Already then, you could see that Sweden lost their match.
Puntus Carlsson played an even game against his opponent, but probably under the bad influence of match result in that moment, he blundered something in rook endgame, and Slovenia took one more whole point.

Other results:

Russia-Azerbaijan 2,5-1,5 
Three games finished in a draws and Grischuk won his game. Now, Russia has the big advantage at the top of table.

China-Armenia 2,5-1,5
This Chinese team is the only team which won against Bosnia and Herzegovina, and they now won against Armenia, to challenge Russia for gold medal.

Philippines-Hungary 2-2
Philippines are the biggest surprise so far. Just for comparation, they are rated one place bellow Sweden.

Ukraine-Spain 2,5-1,5
Ukraine won the Olympiad two years ago, and now they are on the way back at top of the table.

Moldova-Germany 1,5-2,5
Israel-France 2-2
Argentina-India 2-2
Georgia-England 1,5-2,5
Croatia-Greece 2-2
Halkias-Kozul was very interesting game in interesting structure.

Poland-Montenegro 3-1
Bolivia-Denmark 1-3
Now Denmark has 9 MP and can expect some more attractive opponent in tomorrows round.
Italy-Macedonia 1,5-2,5
One more good performance of ex Yugoslavian republics.
Egypt-Serbia 1-3
Serbians are again on good positions.

As soon as organisers publish pairings and standings on their official website, I will publish it here together with short introduction to the next round.



1. Russia  13 mp
2-3. Ukraine,China 12 mp
3-12. Armenia, Azerbaijan, USA, Hungary, 
         Germany, Uzbekistan, Philippines, 
          England, Macedonia  11mp
19.Serbia     10 mp
20. Croatia   10 mp
33. Bosnia and Herzegovina  9 mp
42. Denmark   9 mp
67. Sweden   7 mp

Tomorrow round 8:

With possible victory, Russia can do a big step to gold medal

Can China challenge for gold?


Belarus-Bosnia and Herzegovina
Belarus team are rated 32, and should be favourites, but guys showed that they can fight against even better teams. Still, objectivity is important, a draw would be success.

This is the Scandinavian derby

If it is football that they will play I would not dare to forecast Sweden´s victory, but in chess everything but victory with big margin would be an sensation.

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