Friday, 6 September 2013

Sptember Combinations - Tactics from Neum

For Sptember´s monthly combinations rubric I chose to show you some combinations from my recent tournaments
(before I start to publish the games from it).
Due to very tight schedule during August (I played in the two tournaments, Manhem GM chess week, and Bosnian first A division) I could not publish the combinations for that month, but I will compensate with double tactics article in September.
This time I will publish four positions, in which you have to find the best continuation.
In some position more then one move is good enough to achieve the goal, but the task is to find the best.

We will start from the easier to the harder examples.
In this example White gave the bishop pair early in the opening in order to ruin the possibility of castling for black
(This game will be discussed in some of my later articles).
Black has to consolidate the position of his king.
I played:


The question is:
What would happen if Black played the most natural move 13...g6 with idea of 14...Kg7  ?

This is a little more cunning example.
I was White and I just moved my queen on c1 (for the clarity of the combination I did not showed the position from one move earlier, when my queen could come to d2 and c1 which does not matter), and my idea is to brutally intrude the weak squares around black king.
The first move for Black is obvious, and there are quite a number of interesting continuations for white (candidates), but your task is to find the best one, the one that leads to mate or big material advantage without any possible complications (even if they are most in White advantage).
In short, find the most technical solution.

The obvious difference in activity of minor pieces speaks for it self in our third example.
White is close to winning (it is fair to say winning, but there are still some details which need to be worked out) and I found the way to clinch the victory.
Even if white does not make a moves with obvious threats, it is still completely forcing line, and the line which is in the harmony with the whole strategy of White play, directly after the opening.

This is the last position for this article and the most complex one.
That is why I put it into introduction.
White tried with quite a risky strategy in the centre (the whole game will be analysed in the next articles), and he got far advanced d-pawn in exchange for one pawn.
His last move was rook on d1, and now he has some ideas...
The move 25...b6 can be answered with 26. a5  and the move 
25...Bd4 can be answered with 26. Rxd4 
(or in principle with b4 in case there is no tactics on f6).
However, in the position exist something else, which turns the game in Black favour. Can you find it?

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