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1 A LIGA ŠSFBiH - Little more about results

In this article I will write a little more about results in Neum, as I promised in my last article.
I did not want to mix the article about my tour, with this article, but right from the next article I will start with the analysis of my games from Neum, and also from Gothenburg.
As The first division of Bosnia and Herzegovina (the second rank) was the team competition, I will also write about some details in our fight for the gold medal.

About my result and the results on the first board

As I already mentioned, I played on the first board and I had rating average of 2342.
We played 8 rounds, and it was not possible to make an GM norm, due to absence of 1 player and 2 additional GMs.
My expected score was to make +1, but I stopped on +3 and earned about 10 Elo points.

I have to mention that I was very dominant on the first board, leading the field all the time, but my team decided to play 3-3 in the next to last round, and in the last round GM Kurajica Bojan got a chance to overtake my position with a victory in our game.
He managed to do that, and the last standing on the first board was as in the table:

The best player per board: according Points

The minimum required number of games: 60%

Board 1
1GMKurajica Bojan2516ŠK "Bihać" Bihać6.075.08
2IMBejtovic Jasmin2392ŠK "Goražde" Goražde5.568.88
3FMKojic Tigran2316ŠK "Preporod" Zenica4.050.08
4IMMrkonjic Nenad2384OŠK "Živinice" Živinice4.050.08
5IMMiljanic Boro2384ŠK "Sarajevo" Sarajevo4.050.08
6FMRosic Slavko S2262ŠK "Jedinstvo 1954" Brcko3.543.88
7FMBajric Sakib2194ŠK "Lukavac" Lukavac3.037.58
8Konjicanin Muris2280ŠK "Srebrenik" Srebrenik3.037.58
9IMNurkic Sahbaz2400ŠK "INZIO Tušanj" Tuzla3.037.58

The best illustration about what actually happened on the first board was the difference between Kurajica and me compared with the rest of the field.

I have to say, that I was very motivated to play against Boro Miljanic with white pieces in the next to last round, but the teams played a quick draw (I think that this silly thing is allowed only in the Bosnian leagues).

However, as the final conclusion about my play, I think that this was very good response to not so good result in Gothenburg, especially as we played 3 morning rounds and with quicker time control (90 minutes plus 30 seconds for the whole game).

About the whole competition

The story about my performance was a very similar as the story about SK Gorazde.
Our team was completely dominant during the competition.
We won all our matches with 4-2 , one match with 5-1 and one match with 6-0 (the same team played unlucky 3-3 against the winners, Bihac) up to the free day (due to only 9 clubs).

After the free round the club leaders decided to play 3-3 against S.K. Sarajevo which was according to me, very bad decision.
In that moment, the victory or the draw in that match was all the same for us, as we anyway needed only 3-3 against Bihac in the last round in order to win the league.

(We did not know that the fate will make a joke on us, as Bihac played only 3-3 against Zivinice, which left us in the situation that we could decide the whole league with the victory over Sarajevo)

Our logic was that we do not need to risk a defeat against Sarajevo, which would force us to win over Bihac in the last round.
According to me, very bad calculation (although mathematically correct), as instead for one free day, we made double free day for us, and we lost our winning mentality and psychological advantage went on Bihac side.
It was very hard to play the morning round on the last day....when we did not played any chess in 2 days before that...

Rank table

Rk.SNoTeamGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3 
16ŠK "Bihać" Bihać86201429.00
24ŠK "Goražde" Goražde86111332.00
35ŠK "Sarajevo" Sarajevo84311127.00
42ŠK "Preporod" Zenica8242825.50
58ŠK "INZIO Tušanj" Tuzla8152724.00
67ŠK "Srebrenik" Srebrenik8224623.00
71ŠK "Jedinstvo 1954" Brcko8224621.50
89ŠK "Lukavac" Lukavac8134520.50
93OŠK "Živinice" Živinice8026213.50
This is the final table, and the TB2 clearly shows what we actually missed.

In order to be very clear with what I am trying to say, I need to show one more table.
Here we can see the results of our team, up to the sixth round, and when we had the free round in the seventh round, and made quick 3-3 draw in the eight round, our performance dropped in the last and decisive round.

2. ŠK "Goražde" Goražde (RtgAvg:2257, TB1: 13 / TB2: 32)
1IMBejtovic Jasmin2392BIH111½½1    ½05.582342
2GMCabrilo Goran2388SRB½1½111      ½½6.082291
3FMMuratovic Efim2312BIH1½1½11½½6.082147
4FMStavnjak Lazar2218BIH½½11½1½½5.582028
5CMObuca Bajro2164BIH001½½2.052115
6Sadikovic Jasmin2069BIH111½½1½05.581892
7Pestek Elvis2022BIH½½½1.531769

However, our goal was to finish in the top 3, and the club´s administration said that they are satisfied with the result.

About 1 B LIGA ŠSFBiH....

During the competition in First A division, there was also the competition in First B division and Second division.
It is the third respective fourth rank of team chess in Bosnia and Herzegovina (there also exist two more second ranks, but to explain that I need the whole book and I need to go into some politics, so I will leave that for some other time and place).

The most amateur players from Mostar, played for SK Igman Konjic, which is the second largest town in Herzegovina (the club from Mostar just has lack of chess workers and interest to organise the club for even lowest level of the competition with the lowest possible conditions, or they just prefer other activities, while at the same time blaming the players for playing for other clubs).
However,S.K. Igman Konjic won the First B division, and the next year they will play in the First A division.

Ranking crosstable

Rk.Team12345678 TB1  TB2  TB3 
1ŠK "Igman" Konjic * 343541227.00
2ŠK "Banovići" Banovići3 * 334341023.50
3ŠK "Dr. Dido" Sanski Most3 * 24924.00
4ŠK "Travnik" Travnik4 * 23721.00
5ŠK "Cazin" Cazin232 * 34620.00
6ŠK "Živnice" Živinice32½3 * 618.00
7ŠK "Gračanica" Gračanica134 * 519.00
8ŠK "Krivaja" Zavidovići2232 * 115.50

The alfa and omega of that club, Dr. Sulejman Mulic gave me a nice present.
Two chess books that were published in Konjic during the last two years.
As he told me, some more chess books will be published in the future.

The next article on the blog will be of the pure chess nature, with the comments of my games from Gothenburg and Neum.

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