Sunday, 22 September 2013

Faith will move mountains

I am back on the analysis of my games from my recent tournaments.
This game is still from Gothenburg and after this and my next article, I shall move to my games from Neum.
In between it is possible that I shall publish some other articles, especially about my travels as it seems that I have some unresolved things in Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.
The title of this article has something to do with the surname of my opponent, but in Swedish.
Let´s see the what am I talking about.

I will keep my model of showing the games as far as I have so many readers on these articles.
First, there are some positions which you can solve on your own, before looking at the chess viewer.

Bejtovic Jasmin  E2392 - Berg Emanuel E2539

This is the position from the introduction.
The first part of the game was mainly theoretical battle, in which I got promising position, but after that my opponent outplayed me, and I got this position which is on the edge of defeat.
This was the only game in Gothenburg where I can say that I was somehow lucky, and only in this moment.
White is on move.
Find the best chance (move) for White (Black is pawn up) and after that find the most promising continuation for Black.

Already in this position things are rather unclear.
Black is on move, and it seems that he has not so many candidate moves.
Look carefully and choose the best continuation.
Calculate every candidate!
This pars was played in mutual time trouble.

In this position I had only seconds on my clock.
Should I recapture on d3 or should I include the check on e8?

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