Monday, 9 September 2013

Solutions for September combinations

My very intensive period eventually finished...and I can spend more time writing articles on this blog.
It will last almost to the end of this month, when I have very interesting non-chess projects on the edge of our continent.
It will involve many characters that you already had a chance to know better if you are the regular reader of this blog, and I am sure that some of the most passionate readers will enjoy the new adventures of them.
However, for today I have the solutions of combinations from my last article.
Let´s start...

The question for this position was, what would happen in Black plays 13...g6?

Here is the answer:

14. Qh6+, Bg7
15. Re8+!, Kxe8
16. Qxg7, Rf8
17. Re1+, Be6
18. Rxe6+, fxe6
19. Qxc7 +-

The task in this example was to find the most technical solution that leads to win.

2. Rf4! 

Now is forced...

3. Rh4, Nf5
4. g4! +-

In this example, the dance of white queen in very nice.

1. Qg6 

The threat is Qh7. The right solution is every queen move that threats to play Qh7 and keep an eye on f5 (Qh5, Qh3)

2. Qf5+!, Qf7 (2...Rf7 3. Qh7 +-)
3. Bxg7+, Kxg7 (3...Ke8 4. Qc8#)
4. Rh7+  +-

This is the hardest example, because the position has not the forcing character.
There are two things that can help you solve this position, which are not possible to help me during the game.
The first is that you know that there is a combinational solution!
The second thing is that you are influenced by previous moves in the game. White just moved his rook from f-file, and while my pieces was mostly concentrated to defend f7 and stop the d-pawn I figured out that in this position I can think about counter attack.


After this move White is unable to take on c5, and he is unable to move forward his pawn.
The threat is Qh5 with double attack.
As there are no good solutions for White, he has to switch on defence, and think about Qf4 or Qh5 moves.

26. Qd5, Rd8
27. Ng3

In this position I missed immediately winning move 27...Qg4

27...Qe6  ...and after exchange of queens I (black) won in the endgame with an extra pawn.

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