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We are top of the league

I knew it that November will be properly filled with the articles and reports on this blog.
On Friday 22nd November, Magnus Carlsen became the 16th World Champion, and as in my last article I predicted exactly how the last game will end (also I predicted the result of the match, before it started) I have no intention to go deeper in the analysis of this match. You can find that everywhere on the Internet.
In this article I will write about start of Swedish Elitserien, the highest division in Sweden.

I assume that this article will be the most interesting for the people from Sweden (they are about 30% of all blog readers) but for others, there will be tables and results for quicker overview.

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Friday, 22nd November

As I already wrote in my introduction for Elitserien, there will be five clubs which should perform clearly better then five other clubs (something as the big five).
My club Eksjö S.K. lost one Grandmaster (Slavko Cicak) but got two more Pontus Carlsson and Allan Stig Rasmussen.
As we avoided relegation in the very last rounds in the two previous seasons, many of people expected us to fight for the place in the league.
What they did not anticipated is that during the sammandrags (when three rounds are played for one weekend) our average in rating were higher then, for example last season winners, Limhamn S.K.
Our weakness were single matches.
This year, as I said we had one extra GM, so only that fact gave us hope that we could perform really well.
We were hugely misjudged by our first opponents, Uppsala ASS.
On the one of the websites about chess in Uppsala (not their official), webmaster thought that the match against us would be critical for their final place this season.
You can read the details here: Chess in Uppsala
Our opponents had interesting match strategy, with their best players on two highest white boards (second and fourth).
On that boards they managed to drew their games. I have to admit that I saved a draw by pure luck on fourth board.
On every other board we dominated and at the end we won with 7-1 !

ond: 1Upsala ASS2295-Eksjö SK24591 - 7
Bord 1:Torbjörn Glimbrant2336-GMPontus Carlsson25930 - 1
Bord 2:IMJan Johansson2409-GMJacek Gdanski2571½ - ½
Bord 3:Malte Burwick2300-GMAllan Stig Rasmussen25700 - 1
Bord 4:FMFredrik Andersson2344-IMJasmin Bejtovic2441½ - ½
Bord 5:CMCarl Fredrik Johansson2225-Michael De Verdier24240 - 1
Bord 6:Henrik Lindberg2292-Per Vernersson24060 - 1
Bord 7:Sverrir Thorgeirsson2222-FMNedeljko Malesevic23400 - 1
Bord 8:Thomas Marttala2233-IMAxel Ornstein23290 - 1
*On highlighted boards we had the white pieces
** The ratings are local Swedish ratings, which are in principle about 50 points higher then Elo ratings

Saturday, 23th November

Our good result on Friday gave us a very needed confidence in front of our match against one of the favourites for the title, Team Viking.
This was the first match between the top five clubs in the league, and the only one in the first three rounds. In our advantage was the results of LASK and Limhamn S.K. from the first round, when they lost one respective two points.
Against Team Viking we tried to neutralise their GMs, while we felt that in the middle of team we should be better.
This was the case when both Michael de Verdier and me won our games with white pieces.
Team Vikings slight advantage on lower boards were compensate by our slight advantage on higher boards, and we won the match with smallest possible margin.

Rond: 2Eksjö SK2459-SK Team Viking24864½ - 3½
Bord 1:GMJacek Gdanski2571-GMEmanuel Berg25931 - 0
Bord 2:GMPontus Carlsson2593-FMBo Lindberg24951 - 0
Bord 3:GMAllan Stig Rasmussen2570-GMEvgenij Agrest26750 - 1
Bord 4:IMJasmin Bejtovic2441-FMJonathan Westerberg24631 - 0
Bord 5:Per Vernersson2406-GMPia Cramling25010 - 1
Bord 6:Michael De Verdier2424-IMDan Cramling24001 - 0
Bord 7:IMAxel Ornstein2329-FMRauan Sagit24150 - 1
Bord 8:FMNedeljko Malesevic2340-FMAnders Pettersson2349½ - ½
*On highlighted boards we had the white pieces
** The ratings are local Swedish ratings, which are in principle about 50 points higher then Elo ratings

What a feeling. We were leaders, and we just won against one of the favourites.

Sunday, 24th November

In the third match, we were favourites against Burgsvik Alva.
We understood that our opponents are underrated, and that they just played two very good matches against higher rated opponents with success.
We were fully prepared, and we wanted to win the match with a margin that would leave us at the top of the league.
I won against Team Viking with White pieces, and against Burgsvik Alva I got second black pieces this weekend.
My opponent had some success in the last period when he won Swedish Blitz Championship and also Swedish B Champinship (he will play in the highest Championship in 2014).
However, I played a very good game and I got a lot of praise for my play.
Also, Mr. Michael de Verdier were unstoppable.
After his victories against the President of Swedish Chess Federation in the first round, and the old ace Dan Cramling in the second round, he also won in the third round.
We won just enough to keep our position at the top of the league.

Rond: 3Burgsvik Alva SK2313-Eksjö SK24592½ - 5½
Bord 1:FMNiels J Fries Nielsen2417-GMAllan Stig Rasmussen25700 - 1
Bord 2:FMJuri Krupenski2328-GMPontus Carlsson2593½ - ½
Bord 3:IMJens Ove Fries Nielsen2455-GMJacek Gdanski2571½ - ½
Bord 4:FMTommy Andersson2419-IMJasmin Bejtovic24410 - 1
Bord 5:Pelle Linusson2198-Per Vernersson2406½ - ½
Bord 6:Axel Åkerman2150-Michael De Verdier24240 - 1
Bord 7:FMBjörn Andersson2304-IMAxel Ornstein23290 - 1
Bord 8:Victor Larsson2239-FMNedeljko Malesevic23401 - 0
*On highlighted boards we had the white pieces
** The ratings are local Swedish ratings, which are in principle about 50 points higher then Elo ratings

Here is the table after three rounds:


1Eksjö SK                   3                                            300         17.0   6
2SK Rockaden, Sthlm3        30017.0   
3Lunds ASK321015.0   5
4SK Team Viking320115.5   4
5Limhamns SK312013.5      4
6Farsta SK310211.5   2
7Västerås SK302110.5   2
8Burgsvik Alva SK301210.0   1
9Upsala ASS30036.0   
10Örgryte SK30034.0   0

This is how it will be to the 18th January 2014 when league will continue with the single round.
In the next articles I will show some details from the games that I played.

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