Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Not so minor details

Today we could see very good game by Carlsen and Anand, but I will wait for my report about WC match until they finish their fourth game.
In the meanwhile, I want to show you one game that I played on my recent tournament, in which the luck changed sides couple of times.
I was in control for the most of the game, when I missed one good resource of my opponent.
After then I was probably lost, but somehow managed to save the game.
As usual, there will be some questions to the readers.

This time we will start from easier to harder.
This is the position after some exchanges on e-file. I exchanged my bishop for opponents knight on e7, and later on one rook was exchanged on e6.
I am in a very good position as I control the only open file.
However, my opponent wants to play c5 and to try with stubborn defence.
How White should proceed in order to keep my initiative alive.
After White´s continuation, the position is close to winning.

This is already the moment when things gone very wrong for me.
Black has big advantage in material, but he let me take on b6 now, which should win a piece after the right sequence of moves.
Do not forget intermediate check on d3....
We will get the position with five black pawns against white bishop and one pawn.
Estimate the position!

For those who can not visualise the position , here is the diagram.
Black is on move. He played Kf6....
Try to find the move for White.
The questions are:
Can White save the game after Kf6?
Could Black play better?
If White can save the game after Kf6 is there only one or it exist more then one solution?

As always, the solutions are in the commentary:
Please notice that this commentary is for blog only, and that I analyse my games much more deeply.
However, I think that it will be not very interesting to show everything as only few of the readers would go through all these variations.
I wrote this just for you not to get wrong impression of how title players analyse their games.

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