Thursday, 11 July 2013

Swedish Chamiponship, round 6

This is the position from today´s round of Swedish Championship.
This is a high class chess!
There are a lot of nice possibilities for White in this position, but Marley Grandelius decided to keep his options open, and he moved his king on b1.
Well, by doing so he was forced to anticipate Black´s (Pia Cramling) counter break in the centre, e6-e5.
He did that on the best possible way...

The only man who could stop Grandelius, in my prediction before this championship, was Tiger Hillarp Persson, and he did that in their yesterday´s game!
Unfortunately for Tiger, he was not as good against other players, and he is now 1,5 point behind Marley.
The only serious candidate for the title beside Marley and Tiger as far as I can see it, is Hans Tikkanen.
However, the best chess so far showed Grandelius.
I can only hope that his game from yesterday was a temporary black out.

He proved me right in today's game against Pia Cramling.
In the position on diagram, after:

20. Kb1!!

Pia played:


Marley reacted with very strong:

21. Be3

...and after

21...Bd7 (better was 21...d4 22. Ne4 and White wins an exchange but Black can still play on)
22. Qxd7!, Rxd7
23. Bxc5, Bxc5
24. Ne4

...the rest was matter of technique.

The table looks like this, just before the last third part of the tournament:

Plac.NamnNationRatingKlubbPoäng TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Grandelius NilsSWE2573Lunds Ask4.500.013.00
2Tikkanen HansSWE2528Lunds Ask4.000.010.50
3Smith AxelSWE2461Lunds Ask4.000.08.25
4Brynell StellanSWE2484Limhamns Sk3.001.08.00
5Hillarp Persson TigerSWE2528Lunds Ask3.000.59.25
6Cramling PiaSWE2524Sk Team Viking3.000.56.50
7Wiedenkeller MichaelLUX2475Sk Rockaden, Sthlm2.500.06.50
8Hector JonnySWE2509Limhamns Sk2.000.06.50
9Lindberg BengtSWE2410Solna Ss1.500.05.00
10Carlsson PontusSWE2516Eksjö Sk1.500.03.50

...and the best game of the round, you can see in a chess viewer:


  1. So easy chess can be sometimes, but it all depends on how your opponent play, of course. But can you say this is a Forced Attack? Nice as well...

  2. Some parts of the game were forced, but the quality part of this game is it´s prophylactic part....