Sunday, 28 October 2012

With juniors in Malmö....

Yesterday was quite a nice day in Limhamns S.K. in Malmö when Daniel Semcesen "The Vulture"  and I had a training session with juniors from Scania.
We had 10 juniors and according to Daniel, who was responsible for the whole organisation, it was best of them who are usually there.
Of course Philip Lindgren (Swedish Junior Champion) and Linus Johansson, two best juniors in Scania was not there due to their participation in Hoogoven in Netherlands.
In the first three hours I had the lower rated group and boys are much younger then the rest of the group.
It was pretty productive and good in the first 90 minutes of training, but after the pause kids just coudn´t keep their focus, so they tried more with practical exercises instead of theoretical training.
A subject of my training was an endgame.
After the lunch I trained the higher rated group, and there were six participants.
They trained the elements of every possible simple endgame like: rook endgames, queen endgames, opposite colours bishop endgames, knight endgames, same colour bishop endgames, pawn endgames, and bishop vs. knight engames.
There were a lot of exercises which they solved with or without my help.

After the pause for a lunch they learnt about more complicated endgames with more then one piece for each side, and heard some of the stories behind my endgames.
We had some examples from this blog, such as my endgame against Colin McNab (The fortress or not, article in July) and examples from the bishop endgames which I published in the beginning.
There were unplanned exercise about how to mate with two knights if opponent has a pawn, and I succeeded in that, altought not without difficulties.
They learnt the few tricks with an isolated pawn structure endgames, and hopefully it will help them in the practise, even in the middlegames.

All in all, I hope that they got at least some new knowledge in the area of endgames and that they spent a good time in Limhamns S.K. locals.
I enjoyed it very much and it was worth to miss magnificent performance of Nottingham Forest who smashed Barnsley with 4-1 in a away match.

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