Friday, 19 October 2012

The solutions for the combinations 7-12

Porat Maya E2246 - Bejtovic Jasmin E2405
Prague open 2011

This one is somehow typical for my style of play.
My opponent just moved her queen from e3 and in mutual time trouble I didn´t missed a chance to take advantage of the weak diagonal a7-g1.
40. Qb4, Rb8
41. Rxb8
and here I missed 41...Nb3+ with mate, and played "weaker"
Anyway, she resigned immediately.

Bejtovic Jasmin E2335 - Beil Martin E2238
Pardubice Open 2008

I got some feedback that some of the combinations were very easy. This one is not one of them for sure.
It is very interesting that I foreseen the combination the few moves earlier and it seems that White is not doing so well here.
32. Bxa6+
This bishop will hang later, and don´t forget a mate on e1.
33. Qxd4+!
The bishop can not be taken, because of check on a4 and rook on e8 is lost.
34. Qb4+, Kc7
35. Qa5+, Kd6
36. h3
...and White won on move 50.

Dancevski Orce E2385 - Bejtovic Jasmin E2413
Neum 2011

I was lost for the most of the game, but I got my chance in this position.
50. Kxg3, Qf1
How to protect against Qg1# ?
51. Qb2 (51. Kh2, Qf2+ 52. Kh1, g3 -+)
52. Qg2, Qe1+
I won a rook on b4, and the game on move 63.

Bejtovic Jasmin E2404 - Moberg Karl E2290
Elitserien 10/11  Gothenburg 2011

This is the position from my analysis. I won the game on time, but earlier I missed at least three wins.
If this position arose it would be just crazy.
31. Rg7+!!
31...Bxg7 (31...Kh8 32. Nf7# ; 31...Kf8 32. Qc4+-)
32. Qc4+, Kh8
33. Qf7, Rg8
34. fxg7+, Rxg7
35. Qf8+, Rg8
36. Qh6#

Timoshenko G. E2569 - Bejtovic J. E2403
Cappelle la Grande 2011

This is also a position from the analysis.
In the game I moved my bishop on f6 (and lost on move 30) but what would happen if I moved my bishop on d6 instead (which was my intention before I calculated winning combination for White).
20. Qh3, h6 (20...g6 21. Bxg6!!, fxg6 22. Qe6+-)
21. Bxg7, Nxg7 (21...Kxg7 22. Qf5+-)
22. Qxh6, f5
23. Bc4+, Rf7
24. Qg5 +-
A rook is hanging on d8 and White takes Rxf5 on the next move.

Bejtovic Jasmin E2307 - Eklund Joel E2100
Lund Open 2007

This one is very easy.
19. Qxf6+
Black resigned because he will lose a piece when I check him on d5 (one or two times) and take back a queen on b6.

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