Thursday, 6 March 2014

Swedish league final - preview

During the next three days it will be played the final of Swedish team championship - Elitserien for 2013/2014.
The final will be played in Malmö, and there will be five teams that will fight for the medals.
In this article I am going to present the chances of top five clubs. The club that I am playing for, Eksjö S.K. is on the fifth place for the moment, but the hopes that we will reach the medal are still alive.
Many clubs from the top will meet each others in the final three rounds and the position on the table can be different from round to round.

This is the table:

1Lunds ASK651032.511
2SK Rockaden, Sthlm641131.09
3SK Team Viking641131.09
4Limhamns SK632129.08
5Eksjö SK640227.58
6Farsta SK630324.56
7Västerås SK622224.56
8Burgsvik Alva SK611418.53
9Upsala ASS600613.00
10Örgryte SK60068.50

The team from Lund has advantage with whole 2 match points before the last two rounds, and three match points in front of current champions Limhamn S.K. and my team, Eksjö S.K.
Here are the pairings for the last three rounds:

LASK - 11

Burgsvik Alva SK-Lunds ASK
Lunds ASK-SK Team Viking
Lunds ASK-SK Rockaden, Sthlm
The club from Lund has two matches against top 5, and two hardest matches.

SK Rockaden Stockholm - 9

SK Rockaden, Sthlm-Limhamns SK
SK Rockaden, Sthlm-Eksjö SK
Lunds ASK-SK Rockaden, Sthlm

Rockaden has all three hard matches, and they for sure has the hardest pairings for the last three rounds.

SK Team Viking - 9

Farsta SK-SK Team Viking
Lunds ASK-SK Team Viking
Limhamns SK-SK Team Viking
SK Team Viking has two hard matches, against Limhamn and LASK, and they are still in the title race.

Limhamn S.K. - 8

SK Rockaden, Sthlm-Limhamns SK
Limhamns SK-Farsta SK
Limhamns SK-SK Team Viking
Limhamn S.K. has two hard matches, and one "easier".

Eksjö S.K. - 8

Eksjö SK-Västerås SK
SK Rockaden, Sthlm-Eksjö SK
Eksjö SK-Farsta SK
Out of top five teams, we have easiest pairings, as we are going to play against only one club from top five.
However, our two fixtures which suppose to be easier are against teams number six and seven, so it will not be easy.

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