Saturday, 10 August 2013

Manhem GM 2013, Pictures from drawing of lots

It is pretty late to not sleep when one plays in a GM tournament, but as the first round starts at 16.00 PM the next day (or more correct, today), so there are plenty of time for a good sleep.
The reason why I am posting so late is that I want to publish some photos (taken by Daniel Semcesen), from drawing of lots.
It is a tradition in Manhem GM tournament that the players and organisers meet together the evening before the tournament for dinner and drawing of lots... 
How this event went this year you can see fro the pictorial report.
The good thing about pairings is that I drew number 3, which means that I have one more white pieces.
The bad news is that I will play against highest rated player, already tomorrow (Rozentalis), but one have to play against every player, so there is no place for complains.

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