Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A big pictorial raport, Glasgow and Dublin

Today, I will continue with my pictorial reports from my last travels.
When in Edinburgh, it is good idea to visit Glasgow (and vice verse) as you can reach Glasgow by train or bus, and it takes about one hour (or even quicker).
This time I travelled to Glasgow mainly to watch football, and if you are interested in more photos of the largest Scottish city you can look at my pictorial reports from the summer 2012:
Pictorial report from Glasgow (and Edinburgh) from Summer 2012


Even if I slightly prefer Glasgow Celtic, I do not mind watching Glasgow Rangers, thought they are in the fourth rank of Scottish football now (due to financial irregularity in the past).

It was unusually cold for this time of year (even for Swedish standards) but it did not bother Glasgowians to enjoy in Saturday

However, my favourite club from Glasgow is Partick Thistle F.C.
They won against Livingstone with 6-1. Jags are leading Scottish division one, and despite of absence of Rangers, Glasgow will have derby next season. I Enjoyed extremely at Firhill!


This was my first visit to the capital of Ireland.
During my visit, Republic Ireland played a match against Austria, but I did not went on that event.
If you are in Dublin, it is a must to taste Guinness.
Enjoy the pictures!

The Temple Bar, the most famous pub in Dublin 

Trinity college

The Temple Bar, part of the city with pubs, art galeries and restaurants

Dublin Castle 

Trinity College

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