Friday 22 March 2013

My games from Elitserien, Part 1/3

After some days of pause on this blog, I am going to publish my games from Västerås.
The emotions are calmed down and I can now in good working atmosphere show what was going on on the chess board.
The first game will be my game against strong Grandmaster Kotronias.
I was white, and this position was reached by us after twenty moves.
After the analysis of critical moments, I will publish the game in the chess viewer, so you can go thought it.
I hope that the same result as I made against the player from Greece, can repeat Bosnia and Herzegovina on the football pitch against Greece tomorrow.

IM Bejtovic Jasmin E2387 - GM Kotronias Vasilios E2581 Västerås

The position on the diagram into introduction was reached thought The Botvinnik System, in which I got very big experience, as I already wrote about in my article on the first weekend of Swedish league in Malmö.
He played somehow, passively, but I did one risky move (16.b4). I was better at that moment (with simple 16. b3) but I overestimated my position.
In this position which is unclear, he attacked my pawn on a4.
I decided not to protect it and went for:

21. f5!

He started to think, and understood that it can be dangerous attack.


With idea to play e6 not allowing f6.

22. Bd4, Rc8
23. Qh6

He decided that he must eliminate my knight on d5 (correct) and he just took it....


In this position I failed to play the best move.
Actually, if I remember correctly, I seen it but did not believed myself.
The right technique is the list of candidate moves.
If you use that, you can not failed.
It seems that there are only two possible moves. White can take the bishop on d5 with two pawns.
All right, the bishop from d4 can take on c5 or e5, but that can be ruled out on positional basis.

24. exd5?!

If I am going to take on d5, this is the right choice, because I need e4 square for my bishop, and he has less counterplay attacking c4, than if he has open c file.
The right move was:

24. Rf4!!

After it, his best choice is to play:

25. Rh4, Nf6
26. Bxe5, dxe5
27. exd5

We would reach the position from the game, but with one very important difference.
In the game he could play more strongly on the way!
For the detailed explanation about this position, follow the game....


He should play 24...Nc2 after which position is very unclear...or simply 24...Ncd3, after which I can play 25. Be4 and then sacrifice a piece on g6 for a draw.

25. Rf4, Nf6
26. Bxe5, dxe5
27. Rh4

We reached the position that we could reach if I played better on the previous diagram.
White is better here, but Black found the really nice defencive idea.


With this move, he sacrifices a pawn, but change the whole nature of the position.
There is no attack on his king, and my rook on h4 can become very weak (also my bishop on g2 is not impressive).
He got an g-file as well.
I knew it that I need to take some take to adapt me for the new situation, and to chose the right plan.
I think that I succeeded with that.

28. Qxg5+, Kh8
29. Qd2

Taking into account his knight on b4. I do not want to let him come into the play.

30. Rb3, Qd7
31. Re3, Qxf5
32. Qc3, Rg5
33. Rf3, Qg6
34. Qe3

Now, in order to save his pawn on b6 he has to create something in the centre or to defend passively with Rb8.


In this moment, I sacrificed an exchange.

35. Rxf6!, Qxf6
36. Qxe4, Rg7
37. Kh2

The best move in the time trouble. I avoid all the checks, and he stays with all his problems.

38. Qd4, e5 ?!

I think that after this move, everything was over.

39. Qe4, Re8
40. Rh5, Qg6
41. Rf5

The time trouble was over, but it can be said for the game too.
I have a pawn for an exchange, but in reality I am playing with two pieces against his rook, as his knight on b4 can not enter the play.
I will just push my pawn on g4.
Later on my knight on g3 and protect the only weak point with Bf1.
In the continuation I played with my rook on f2 (cutting of his knight for the eternity).
The final phase of the game was how to put my queen and knight on ideal squares in order to push g5.
When I did that, his position felled like house made of cards.
The final phase (and the whole game) can be viewed in the chess viewer.

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